The Clock Has Been Ticking


Much time has passed since I last posted on here. To be fair, my life has been filled with events. For one thing, my wedding is in March and I’ve been running around figuring things out like how how many people we can afford at the reception and what music to have (the jury is still largely out on that one). I’ve also been acting as much as humanly possible – as an extra in television series such as “Ms Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” as the lead in student films:

And writing/acting in my own projects as well as attending class each week and, of course, continuing my discipline of a Doctor Who Quote a Day, which I began back in March:

I recently auditioned successfully for two different projects, one theatre and one film. One is with the 1812 Theatre performing a very physical role in a heartwarming coming of age story entitled “The Book of Everything” and the other in an original short horror film with a surprisingly uplifting ending called “After Trauma”. I’m very excited to get my teeth sunk into both projects and to continue developing my acting technique!

Keep you eyes open for a Doctor Who Series B minisode in the coming weeks, too; we spent a day filming in a park, much to the delight of two young boys on bicycles who later asked for our autographs!

And, speaking of clocks ticking, here is a cello loop pedal improvisation of “Clocks” by Coldplay.


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