It Might Take Me A Thousand Years…

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I’ve been thinking about dreams lately and the power of goals. With the beginning of a new year comes a sense of refreshing and a clean slate. Of course, in reality every second is a clean slate, but it does help to have an exact date to put another year behind me.

You may know my particular dream goal by now, but I’ll reiterate:

I want to play a female Doctor in the BBC Doctor Who series, possibly the first ever if I’m clever about it.

I was expecting a chorus of negativity and disbelief when I first swallowed my fears and began telling the world what my dream was, but the result was quite surprising. People were encouraging. The most common response I receive is “that’s a fantastic goal, you’d make a great female Doctor!” In fact, people tend to believe passionately in my dream more than I do!

And the great thing about now having my crazy ambitions in the open and actively following them, is that I feel so at peace with myself. The challenges are still challenges, but they feel more like opportunities to step closer to my dream and strengthen my resolve, whereas before there was that uncomfortable burning feeling in my gut that I wasn’t being true to my deepest passion and putting myself through hell regardless.

Now, I know precisely how ambitious a goal this is. For one thing, I’ve read the mass of uproar against the possibility of a female Doctor. People were furious that there was even, most recently, a female regeneration of a previously male Time Lord, leaving the possibility for the shows title character to do the same. I’m also only too aware that, living in Australia, it is far more difficult for me to infiltrate the UK television industry and the BBC. But that won’t stop me. I’m in this for the long haul, and the beginning of every new year is another chance for me to look back and see how far I’ve come, regardless of whether I’m shaking hands with Steven Moffat or not.

Speaking of years, here’s another cello loop pedal cover I’ve been playing with:

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri



An Exciting New Chapter

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I have returned safely from Los Angeles and am currently adjusting back to my Aussie life. It feels like the last month was spent on another planet or in a dream, but I have taken the experience back with me; everything has changed. For instance, the day after I arrived, I had a Skype audition with the Director of the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts (NYCDA). It felt very strange to be holding an ipad steady with one hand whilst delivering a monologue to the tiny inset camera, but it was certainly worth the effort as I was offered a scholarship to study there next year!


Killer 1

A photo of me performing one of my monologues at WCOPA

I had researched various acting courses in Australia and resigned myself to the fact that they were simply too expensive and I didn’t feel particularly drawn to any of them; I was confident I could learn the craft in other ways such as classes and community theatre. That is, until I discovered NYCDA. I devoured the course book, asked the staff representative questions and listened intently to my friend as she described her experience of the summer course she attended recently. Everything I heard struck a chord within me, it just felt so right.

 Although I initially wasn’t offered a scholarship at the competition as some of the other actors were, I persisted and asked the staff what I needed to do in order to study with them. The answer: call us, and they were so impressed I actually followed through in calling that they arranged a Skype audition. And the rest is history.

So, what now? The rest of this year will be spent job hunting, applying for grants/sponsorship, fundraising (click here to help me), wedding planning, completing paperwork and training in acting as much as I can. It isn’t going to be easy, but that only makes it more interesting, right? Sure, my future husband and I might end up completely broke and homeless in a foreign country, but that’s better than not being true to my heart. And I’m certain that, somehow, we will afford this. Just you wait.