Romeo & Juliet: Given the Sly Rat Theatre Treatment


A very kind review of our little Shakespeare show. Thanks, Max!

It isn’t that unusual to be a-wanderin’ around Queens Park, in Moonee Ponds, just north of Melbourne, and see a setup for what appears to be a wedding. Unless, of course, that setup is occupied by an aged, withered Juliet of Capulet, forlornly cooing “Come night, come Romeo.” But that is what happened to a whole lot of innocent bystanders one a balmy February afternoon, and they were quick to abandon their walk, to take in the spectacle that was taking place before them. Guess they didn’t know Sly Rat Theatre was in town.

Hang on, you say…Juliet of Capulet? Aged and withered? But what was all that about drinking poison, plunging daggers into breasts, dying but a teenager, becoming a martyr of innocence and love amidst the hatred and fury of houses Capulet and Montague? It’s worth repeating; Sly Rat Theatre is in town.

This isn’t just Shakespeare outdoors…

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Meeting X, a person who doesn’t fit the normative binary boxes



Anger is Justified.

A cis guy I know told me this story to illustrate how accepting he is of gender non-conformity. It’s paraphrased, because there were a lot of interruptions from me.

Hell, I know a chick who I thought was a dude! Hung around her for years, I just thought she was a dude – dressed like a dude, acted like a dude, everything. Then one time she took her shirt off and… yeah.

My instant question – Did this person ever say they were a girl?

Well, she was [hand gestures] and – [interrupted by me. Ten minutes later, after a bit of wriggling…] She didn’t say it…

Then, my friend, how do you know? If this person truly identified as a girl, I’m not sure it’s likely you would have hung around with this person for that long without someone correcting you on pronouns, for a start. You…

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What #metoo tells us about ourselves…


I would also add that intersectionality is needed – a woman of colour started the metoo movement ten years ago and has been left unacknowledged


Social media has been inundated with #metoo over the last few days. Many women (and some men) who are expressing, often for the first time, how they have experienced unwanted touch and unwanted words in the most cherished parts of who they are. I have sat with tears dripping down my face reading through these.

But what shocks me is that so many people reading these statements have then expressed shock at the magnitude of this reality. I think to myself, surely we know this as truth, that nearly every female in our society has experienced this kind of evil against them in some way. Hence the whole point of this hashtag. To show the magnitude.

That we are shocked at the over-arching presence of #metoo is perhaps one of the great evils about all of this. The denial of reality. Rape culture under the guise of #boyswillbeboys. A media/advertising…

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Space Fall – Part Ten


A cool story!

Sophisticated Nonsense

spacefall-lowresThis is the last part of this story! Want to read the whole story from the beginning? Click here!

When the calamity struck Proxima Minor the Ferren guild feared their livelihoods would be the most affected. The Ferren were the miners and refiners of gases, metals, and liquids extracted from the crust of the planet. Their guild motto was, “Everything we have either comes from a plant or a hole in the ground; and we know how to dig.” When the waters approached their mines they moved their homes, refineries, and machinery under ground. Then they sealed themselves in deep underneath the surface. The water from the new ocean above them seeped in, but they pumped that out and built oxygen factories to supply themselves with breatheable air. Safe underground they had access to all the metals, minerals, other chemicals the Comptoni needed to build their machines and with…

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Boulevard of Broken Dreams


I while ago now, I arranged Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” for two cellos. It was only the other day when I rediscovered it and decided to record it so that I could hear how it was supposed to sound…and then I got a bit carried away and added some drums and guitar. Two days later, I was in an article! And here it is:

We spoke to the woman behind this cello cover of Green Day’s Boulevard Of Broken Dreams


the fragrance of humility


Beautiful words from a beautiful friend



Through this whole whirlwind of baby life i have had constant support. It has been an amazing experience to be cared for – from people doing the pile of dishes, folding my laundry, back rubs, holding my screaming child, just spending time with me when i need company and many other things. Through allowing people to help me i have realised my need to relinquish control, admit i need support and be humble in allowing people to fill my needs. This has been difficult for me because i am often the one doing the serving and supporting of others. I have learnt much letting go and being vulnerable in this time, but most of all i have learnt to be humble.

I have been reminded of a story in the bible, where a woman washes Jesus feet  (if you are unfamiliar with this story you can check it out here

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She Will Be Loved (I hope)


I’m performing at a charity concert tonight (7pm, Loop Bar if you read this in time) and was practising my cello and experimenting with different cover songs when suddenly Maroon 5 popped into my head. Not the new stuff, their early work which my entire family used to sing aloud to. I realised that this particular song, or the chorus which I was looping, has a pickup and if I start on the beat of the following bar it sounded all jumpy! So, I decided to take another technical leap and start the loop on the pick up…it took a lot of practice, but I got there! And here it is for your enjoyment: She Will Be Loved.

The Best and Worst of Humanity


Yesterday, my phone was stolen. I was working as a wine promoter in a liquor store handing out free samples and this particular couple was suspicious from the get-go. They didn’t take anything, or so we thought until it was break time and I went to use my phone. They were very slick, very good at misdirection. In my phone case was also my debit card and public transport card, and they managed to spend $100 using the PayPass technology automatically included on many credit cards these days. I hate PayPass. I never even used it and now it has betrayed me. I can get the money back, although replacement costs and time lost in hassle is frustrating.

Why am I filling the internet with bad news? Because from every situation can be taken many different kernels of truth. Most people in my situation stop at the “my stuff was stolen, those bastards, I’m angry” truth. I certainly went through that phase. But then came a different way of looking at things, which I espoused to a friend who was outraged on my behalf:

I don’t often experience the worst of humanity, and somewhat ironically it’s just reminded me of how lucky I am.

I’m surrounded by beautiful people…and loved ones in this magical bubble and it’s probably good, in a way, to be reminded that there are people who don’t have that. Those bastards who stole my phone, I know who they were because we were suspicious of them at the time, they have a story. I don’t know what it is, but pretty sure it involves drugs and some form of abuse. That doesn’t excuse them, but it makes me reflect upon my own life and imagine how different it could have been…

Upon posting that my phone etc. had been stolen, I received many heartwarming messages from the people in my life; the worst of humanity also inspired the best of humanity. I think that’s a common theme in life – something frustrating, terrible or even horrific happens to you, inevitably, and it sucks. Of course it does. And it’s completely okay to wallow in that, for a while. But look closely, because within those thorns that are pricking you there are roses. There are people who care, people who are good and a beautiful blue sky.

At the end of the day, in my case, it was just stuff. Things were stolen. Others have lost much more and I am so fortunate to have the people I do in my life, and I was extremely fortunate to have those people who have since been lost.

Thief, this does not excuse you. I hope you learn something from this, too, and I hope that whatever situation you are in which lead to this occurrence improves. You can still be the best of humanity, you always can be, and so can I.