This is me

This is who I am

And always have been

I am not broken

Not incomplete

It is okay to be different

There is nothing wrong with me

And I am not alone

– Ace (Oct, 2017)

When I tell you who I am,

When I expose my soul

Naked and vulnerable

In your hands

It is a test.

When you handle my poor soul

It reveals who you are;

Diamond or coal,

I see your heart

(Oct 2017)

When chosen with care and compassion

Other becomes empathy

Raw and thoughtless they

Destroy, keen as poison arrows

So use them wisely

– Words (Oct 2017)

Why are you doing this?

Says that voice,

The little voice in my head

You’re terrible, worthless

They’re all better than you

You’ll never be as good as

What they can do

You’re an imposter

Admit it

You got this far on luck

You’ll never be enough

So you might as well give up

Keep your dreams to yourself

And don’t rock the boat;

You’re safer staying small

It’s better if you just don’t

…But that voice isn’t me

It’s scared and tries to protect

By whatever means it can

To have the greatest effect,

And with some gentle compassion

From my heart and my soul

I can soothe it to submission

And move on towards my goals

(Dec 2017)

There is no complete understanding of another

I cannot become you,

Nor you experience who I am

I can translate, imagine, empathise,

But in the end we are all selfish:


Bound within these bones and flesh

And I cannot truly know your inner being

Only my experience of you,

My love for you as I perceive you

And my promise to try to understand

As best I can

– Promise (Jan 2018)


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