My Newfound Love of Combat


Last week I did a 7 day stage combat intensive. It was awesome. We learnt a whole lot of things from sword fighting to guns and how to die accurately.


On our last day, we finished up with some pirate swashbuckling! And in that spirit, allow me to present another loop pedal improvisation:


It Might Take Me A Thousand Years…

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I’ve been thinking about dreams lately and the power of goals. With the beginning of a new year comes a sense of refreshing and a clean slate. Of course, in reality every second is a clean slate, but it does help to have an exact date to put another year behind me.

You may know my particular dream goal by now, but I’ll reiterate:

I want to play a female Doctor in the BBC Doctor Who series, possibly the first ever if I’m clever about it.

I was expecting a chorus of negativity and disbelief when I first swallowed my fears and began telling the world what my dream was, but the result was quite surprising. People were encouraging. The most common response I receive is “that’s a fantastic goal, you’d make a great female Doctor!” In fact, people tend to believe passionately in my dream more than I do!

And the great thing about now having my crazy ambitions in the open and actively following them, is that I feel so at peace with myself. The challenges are still challenges, but they feel more like opportunities to step closer to my dream and strengthen my resolve, whereas before there was that uncomfortable burning feeling in my gut that I wasn’t being true to my deepest passion and putting myself through hell regardless.

Now, I know precisely how ambitious a goal this is. For one thing, I’ve read the mass of uproar against the possibility of a female Doctor. People were furious that there was even, most recently, a female regeneration of a previously male Time Lord, leaving the possibility for the shows title character to do the same. I’m also only too aware that, living in Australia, it is far more difficult for me to infiltrate the UK television industry and the BBC. But that won’t stop me. I’m in this for the long haul, and the beginning of every new year is another chance for me to look back and see how far I’ve come, regardless of whether I’m shaking hands with Steven Moffat or not.

Speaking of years, here’s another cello loop pedal cover I’ve been playing with:

A Thousand Years by Christina Perri


The Medallion Calls – Cello Loop Pedal Improvisation


I realised that if I took the chord progression from the main theme, I could loop it and create another Pirates of the Caribbean cello loop video! I also remembered that I own a Jack Sparrow costume of sorts and couldn’t resist dressing up, because why would you not dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow whilst playing cello? Unfortunately, I didn’t foresee the slight issue of my beads tapping against the side of my cello, but in my opinion it was worth it.

(The Other) Looper


LOOPER (the musical device, not the movie)

Have a listen to my Looper Improvisation

I’ve been experimenting with my new loop pedal in preparation for WCOPA and I’ve got to say it’s a lot of fun! I’ve even played around with a rock version of Handel’s Passacaglia. I’m hoping, with some more practice, I’ll be able to perform solo with a bunch of different instruments and even put on concerts, but more on that later…

Until then, have a picture of my cello!

My cello's name is Oakley

My cello’s name is Oakley


Help Lore Represent Australia in Hollywood


Help Lore Represent Australia in Hollywood


I knew this year would be a big one when my now fiance proposed last December (we’ve set our date for March 19, 2015), but it hasn’t just stopped there, oh no! I decided to follow my dreams, which means acting, composing and playing music professionally…and playing a female Doctor in Doctor Who someday. Yep, I’m a crazy one. But it would seem the universe intended me to be so, because less than a month after I dedicated myself to this pursuit, I got an email saying I’d been successful in auditioning for Team Australia in the World Championship of Performing Arts!

All the information is on my crowd funding page, but basically this is the equivalent of the Olympics for performing artists and a huge career opportunity for me, if I can afford the exorbitant amounts of money involved in competing…that’s where this amazing global community comes in. As previously mentioned, I have a wedding and subsequently also moving out to afford, so I need all the help I can get! No matter what happens, I am going to compete and do my best with the hope of winning a scholarship to study acting, making valuable contacts and/or finding work, but it’ll be a heck of a lot easier if I have some funding on my side!

I’m only at the start of this incredible journey and I’m so very grateful for this opportunity. I’m taking singing and acting lessons and practising hard. I believe that anything is possible; it took the universe the same amount of energy to create me and you than it did to create Benjamin Franklin and Johnny Depp…we are as great as the greatest, but no better than the rest. Let’s see where it takes us!