Ever wondered what “Roar” by Katy Perry would sound like on cello? Or, more accurately, several layers of cello? Well, wonder no further!


Help Lore Represent Australia in Hollywood


Help Lore Represent Australia in Hollywood


I knew this year would be a big one when my now fiance proposed last December (we’ve set our date for March 19, 2015), but it hasn’t just stopped there, oh no! I decided to follow my dreams, which means acting, composing and playing music professionally…and playing a female Doctor in Doctor Who someday. Yep, I’m a crazy one. But it would seem the universe intended me to be so, because less than a month after I dedicated myself to this pursuit, I got an email saying I’d been successful in auditioning for Team Australia in the World Championship of Performing Arts!

All the information is on my crowd funding page, but basically this is the equivalent of the Olympics for performing artists and a huge career opportunity for me, if I can afford the exorbitant amounts of money involved in competing…that’s where this amazing global community comes in. As previously mentioned, I have a wedding and subsequently also moving out to afford, so I need all the help I can get! No matter what happens, I am going to compete and do my best with the hope of winning a scholarship to study acting, making valuable contacts and/or finding work, but it’ll be a heck of a lot easier if I have some funding on my side!

I’m only at the start of this incredible journey and I’m so very grateful for this opportunity. I’m taking singing and acting lessons and practising hard. I believe that anything is possible; it took the universe the same amount of energy to create me and you than it did to create Benjamin Franklin and Johnny Depp…we are as great as the greatest, but no better than the rest. Let’s see where it takes us!