My Newfound Love of Combat


Last week I did a 7 day stage combat intensive. It was awesome. We learnt a whole lot of things from sword fighting to guns and how to die accurately.


On our last day, we finished up with some pirate swashbuckling! And in that spirit, allow me to present another loop pedal improvisation:


The Medallion Calls – Cello Loop Pedal Improvisation


I realised that if I took the chord progression from the main theme, I could loop it and create another Pirates of the Caribbean cello loop video! I also remembered that I own a Jack Sparrow costume of sorts and couldn’t resist dressing up, because why would you not dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow whilst playing cello? Unfortunately, I didn’t foresee the slight issue of my beads tapping against the side of my cello, but in my opinion it was worth it.